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Dr. Panagiot  Keridi

Dr. Panagiot Keridi

Director, Euro-Scope Infrastructure & Logistics

Dr. Panagiot Keridi is a qualified and internationally distinguished specialist in transport logistic and territorial planning. His academic career started in Novorossiysk Sea Academy. After that for more than 10 years he was engaged in port management as Commercial Director and Head of shipping and transport-logistic company in Novorossiysk.

In 2000 he founded Moscow based Scientific and Research Institute on transport logistic and territorial planning and became one of the leading specialists in that area. In 2008 a team of experts headed by Dr. Keridi won a tender on a creation of automated traffic management system of 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. The developed mathematical model of street-traveling network of Sochi was highly appreciated by the experts of the International Olympic committee.


Dr. Keridi is invited in the working group of Ministry of transport concerning the questions of logistic and transport planning (especially, the federal program of development of city Sochi as the capital of winter Olympic Games in 2014).