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Dr. Emel Zerrouk

Dr. Emel Zerrouk

Chief Consultant for Resource Governance and Sustainable Development

Dr. E. Zerrouk is a specialist in resource governance and sustainable development.

She is PhD Graduate in Global Environmental Studies, from Kyoto University and Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy. 

She has extensive knowledge base in Environmental Management, Land Rights, Fresh Water Management Policy and Planning, and Trans-boundary water issues. 


Her research has focused primarily on the intersect between international resource law, land

and water rights, and conflict resolution. Other areas of specialization include green economy,
and water & energy security development strategies. Dr. Zerrouk has worked with NGOs in
Switzerland, as well as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), on the compilation
of water purification technology databases. She has also organized several conferences,
including in the UN Geneva, to investigating the role that media plays on the sociopolitical
dimension of water and land conflicts. Geographically her focus has been on South East Asia,
and China primarily with some work in North Africa and Europe.

Dr. E. Zerrouk has working knowledge of both French and Japanese.